Marietta First United Methodist Church

Why Weekday????


A friend recently asked me why I drive almost 20 minutes to my son’s preschool while there are several other preschools much closer to my house.There was not just one reason, but so many that shaped our decision in choosing MFUMC Weekday Ministry.

I did music at the church for almost 2 years before we signed up for
preschool so I got to quietly watch the interactions between the staff and students and only saw positive and wonderful interactions. You learn a lot by watching!

As a former teacher, it is very impressive that the preschool holds a SACS accreditation. That means there is a higher standard all over.

I didn’t want my son being a number. Everyone from the amazing classroom teachers to the staff know and care about your child. So it’s common to hear stories from even support staff about something your child said that was funny or something he did well.

And last. Carpool. It’s spoiling!! It doesn’t matter the weather (rain,
cold, hot) and my son is greeted with an enthusiastic staff member by his name under a covered roof and Momma gets to stay warm in the van. I drive off seeing my son with a smile on his face and I know he is at the best preschool and will have a fantastic and fun day of learning.

Weekday Ministry Parent of a Three Year Old Student