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Everyone is so great with advice and suggestions on this page. I was wondering if you guys had any input about First United Methodist Church preschool in front of the square. We took a tour of the school not too long ago and love it. However I am lacking to find reviews on the school. I would love to hear your thoughts… Thank you in advance!

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Love it! Go!

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We ABSOLUTELY love it!! The entire staff is incredible. They not only teach but they love and care about each child. My oldest just graduated the program and my youngest starts in August.

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Love it! Spent 7 years there. Best thing I could’ve done for my kids.

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Love it! They are accredited by the state and the staff and teachers are phenomenal!

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My grandson does great there!

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Such an amazing program!!

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My son went to 3 year and 4 year pre-k and loved it. We love the teachers and the staff. My 3 year old starts in August. It’s great!

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We have had children at FUMC weekday for 10 years and love it! Would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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My sister has/had her girls there and couldn’t be happier. If you have any questions contact her…

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We love it!

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Love it!!

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Wonderful school. Lots of great memories.

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Wow you guys are great…thank you again for your comments and feedback! 

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Fantastic school!!!!!!

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LOVE the school! They treat you like family and are so loving! I have many great experiences at Weekday. They took excellent care of my babies and they were definitely ready for Elementary.

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Very good also have a good friend that will be teaching there this year.

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Weekday Ministry will teach your children and will steal your heart so that years after your kids leave that place- a Mom ask about and you will wish your kids were still there… Little, loved and being a special someone’s prayer buddy. … It is much more than a school, is a very special place smile emoticon

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My Granddaughter went there and she loved it, we were also very pleased. At age 3 she would say the sweetest prayer at the dinner table.

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Love love that school!!!

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The best!

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Absolutely the best – my daughter attended and all three of my grandchildren!

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My grandson had such a wonderful year there he is going to kitchen kindergarten there next year instead of the public school. He truly loves his school. Wonderful, loving people!

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It is a wonderful program! The Weekday Program has been going strong for over 50 years. Your children will learn and be loved. The program is SACS accredited too.

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My son went there when he was little. Loved it.

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We have three “graduates” of MFUMC Weekday, and we’re driving the oldest to Harvard grad school next week! Does that tell you anything? (designed for a little laugh!)!

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Now I think I’m more excited than my son about the school!

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Love it! SACS accredited, amazing and loving! The kids learn so many different things.

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My youngest granddaughter goes there and loves it! Her mother is a teacher and it passed muster with her!

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My son went there. Found many friends for both he and I there that we are still friends with seven years later, some still on staff there. Loved the school and the program!

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All 5 of mine went there – great, great program! They were all very well prepared for elementary school. You will love it!!

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Can’t say enough positive things about this program. From the beautiful, safe & secure facility to the caring, loving & dedicated staff, the children who attend Weekday Ministry at FUMC Marietta are given a top notch opportunity to learn, play & grow. Hope to see you there when school resumes in August … my son will be in a 3-year old class (and I have another who graduated from the program in 2014).

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Wonderful preschool!! My daughter was there through kindergarten, I have one going into pre-k, and another going into the toddler class next year smile emoticon. The staff is phenomenal!!

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