Marietta First United Methodist Church

Reflections From the Youth Mission Weekend

Our Youth Mission Team to Birmingham, AL. April 17, 2016

-by Kendall Gazaway
This mission trip will stay in my life forever. From painting Ms. Wigglesworth’s house to learning about Nicodemus to going to the escape room. Let me start off with Ms. Wigglesworth: such a sweet lady. She had one of the most faithful and spiritual heart’s that I had ever met. We arrived at her house and there she was amazed and astonished with a smile on her face. She greeted us and one of the first things that she said was, “You all are so kind to do this. My prayers have just come true. I have been praying and sitting in this little ol’ house for 9 years waiting for some kind people just like yourselves.” You could not help to be happy when you were around this wonderful lady. She taught what is was like to be patient and to just pray and talk to God. Another event that stuck out to me was talking about Nicodemus. He had faith and he showed it. In the beginning he asked Jesus questions. He then moved on to believing and having faith. He lastly showed his faith when they buried Jesus after he died on the cross. All of the speakers this weekend did a wonderful job of telling and explaining to us Nicodemus’ journey. And lastly the escape room. Though team 4 did not make it out, we used teamwork and had faith in each other. Thank you Josh, Jessica, and all of the other senior leaders and volunteers for one of the best weekends of my life.