Marietta First United Methodist Church

Mid High Mission Trip: More Than Just Work

By Hannah Bachman

This trip was more than just getting to do mission work it was getting to spend time with our youth family. This week Lauren Sutton (A college Youth Leader) told us that she doesn’t refer to us as a youth group, she thinks of us as a youth family. During worship, we were asked if we were doing mission work for us, for others, or for God. Most people said all 3 because you are helping the person out, God is happy you are going out and serving, and you are doing something good yourself.

The mission work was awesome in Tampa from getting to work at the  Metropolitan Ministries to helping around Aunt Cathy’s house. In St.Simons, we went to the Boys and Girls Club. We all had a great time playing with the kids and doing the activities with them. There was more than just mission work on this trip though. There were beach days, Finding Dory, Universal, and bus rides. The bus rides  may have been many hours, but they went by faster when you were either sleeping or talking with your friends.

This trip may have had photos of all the fun times we had, but there are still memories that can’t be pictured in photos. We have so many inside jokes now, and moments we will remember for a lifetime. I had a great trip while getting to spend time with my Fusion family.