Marietta First United Methodist Church

My Experience Serving MUST Friday Lunch

-by Jojo Amuah

Jojo Amuah is a rising Senior at Allatoona High School and a member of FUSION Youth Group at MFUMC.

Serving Friday Lunch at MUST Ministries was an amazing experience. I got to help give back to the community by helping cook and serve food to the less fortunate. I feel that everyone should do this at least once in their life because it gives you a more positive outlook on life. MUST gives you a new sense of humility and helps you compare your situation to others who would die to have the opportunities that you’ve had. Every once in awhile we like to think about what we want to have instead of thanking God for what we do have. This shows us that we often just need to stop and think about every single blessing and opportunity that is given to us. Even something as simple as the staff announcing that they would be serving food on Memorial Day, which was coming up the following Monday, was met with a huge applause and a sigh of relief from the crowd. What I liked most was the ability to personally connect with the people there. It really helps you build more of a community type of feel. It gives you the ability to better assist the people that are often rejected by society. Although an eye opening experience I wish that we had more direct tasks to do. Most of the tasks I was handed seemed last minute and overall did not seem to really have a direction. In all MUST ministries is an amazing experience reminds you of what you have that others don’t and would give anything to obtain.