Marietta First United Methodist Church

Busy as Bees

-Nancy Tatnall

Every spring there’s a special crop that pops up in the front planter bed at Weekday. Ground bees. They hover over the ground, and suddenly little “hills” appear, almost like ant hills. These bees are sowing their next crop –of bees! Harmless to humans, they do make for interesting viewing from the window inside the Weekday Lobby.

Likewise, we’ve been busy as bees this week, with our BOGO Book Fair which has reaped many books for the Linda LeSueur Library Collection, as well as MUST Summer Lunch! The backbone of learning is reading – if you can read, you can teach yourself anything! Thanks for supporting literacy education at Weekday and in the community with your purchases!

The annual musical programs have had our Threes, Fours, and Kindergarten teams extra busy this week too! Thanks especially to our Music “director” Cassie Register, who is awaiting the arrival of Baby Boy #2, and to Judy Jones, our accompanist and member of the MFUMC Music Department. Thanks also to our team of talented teachers who have spent extra time and effort in preparation for our productions!

Lastly, I’m pleased to announce our status as re-certified as a School of Excellence by the North Georgia Conference Preschool Directors’ Association. It requires extensive documentation, and this year, a visit from our professional peers from other preschools. To quote, “The documentation of your teacher-created curriculum has pulled together a number of creative ideas in a developmentally appropriate format; your facility is spacious and beautifully maintained; you and your staff have capitalized on the opportunities it presents with many enhancements to your program.”

“Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the Preschool and the community. The children are fortunate to attend such a vital ministry.”

We are fortunate to be a hive of activity for all age groups – children, parents, and grandparents – where unconditional love is the crop we sow