Marietta First United Methodist Church

Bittersweet Reflections from Weekday

Each day when I open the car door of a student who will be moving on next year, I get a little sad. But as nature shows us, when little birds are ready, they take flight from the nest. The Weekday “nest” has been the first educational experience for many children. It has been the place where children have learned to walk in a line, to take turns, to make friends, to follow directions, to love God and to know that God loves them, to test boundaries, to pray, to love their neighbor and to be loved unconditionally, to take a risk, to sometimes fail.
There will be many more flights from the nest as these children progress along their individual educational journeys. None will be sweeter, or more poignant than the flight of the Kindergartners and Fours last week.
Thank you parents for the privilege of being partners with you in the growth and development of your most precious blessings.