Marietta First United Methodist Church

Join a Men’s Small Group

Join the men of the church for a small group Bible study of the Psalms. The group will begin on Friday, August 25  in the Family Life Hall at 6:30 a.m. Breakfast and coffee are provided. This small group will meet for 12 sessions and is led by Justin Gilland and Tom Halliburton. We will follow scripture through discussion and sharing of life experiences.

Contact Forrest Cate at 770 429 7800 ext 806

About the Men of the Church

We seek to create and sustain opportunities for men of our church to find meaningful ways to live out their faith in a way that provides value and wholeness. We recognize the need to provide connecting points for men regardless of where they may be on their faith journey. The things we can do with our hands, the things we can do with our brains, the things we are passionate about, and our relationships provide the common ground for transforming ourselves and our communities for Christ.

Small groups provide an opportunity to get to know a specific group of people over a period of time. We seek to share different takes on ideas of our faith by sharing our experiences and understandings. We aren’t out for the “right answers” but rather looking to share perspectives.