Marietta First United Methodist Church

It’s Glorious

Welcoming back our returning students to new classrooms, making our new students feel comfortable in their new school, getting to know new families, and new staff as they assimilate into our Weekday Family – it’s been a happy new year in August!
While life in the world has gotten more complicated, more negative, and less predictable, we strive for understandable, positive, and stable in our classrooms. Since each of our students is unique, and requires a unique approach to learning, we will be spending the first weeks of school determining what each of these children need. This is a process which takes time, patience, and discernment. You know your child. We are just getting acquainted.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to your classroom teacher, or to the Weekday Office if you aren’t sure about something, no matter how small. We’re your partners in the education of your child, and partnerships are built on trust and open communication.
As our Vision statement says: “We encourage every child and family to truly enjoy their experiences here.”