Marietta First United Methodist Church

Help Local Students Grow in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Upcoming volunteer opportunity:
Friday, January 26

Location: Park Street Elementary School

Click here to sign up.

Support the School’s Leadership in their efforts to deliver high quality education, especially through development of effective parent and volunteer involvement.

You will have the opportunity to serve and love people who need that support as they strive to succeed in life with their families. This is a chance to build new relationships that can glorify God and enrich our community.

Volunteers will work with table groups of children who are using either the Scientific Method to conduct experiments or the Engineering Design Process to create useful products. You will coach them and then help them generalize learning from the activities through discussion. Kids love adult participation and it helps the teachers maximize the value of the time spent.

Please know that when you sign up for a time slot to help in a classroom, you aren’t required to lead, you don’t need a science background. The teacher will do all the instructing and you will assist individual students or a small group. These students are so excited about this day and about getting to do science experiments.  So, sign up for one or two sessions. We really can make a hands-on difference!